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De Bhrún's star quality is at supernova level. Imagine Pauline McLynn in Grace Kelly's body and you are getting close. Did I mention she wrote it too? This girl is going to be huge. Don't miss. 

Le Cool Magazine - Luke McManus

Amy De Bhrún was as flawless as I’ve seen. - Sheena Lambert

A wonderful, brilliant and striking performance from Amy de Bhrún that stays with you long after the show ends.

Red Curtain Review - Alan Foran

Observations here are spot on, fired at the audience in a way that will have both men and women rolling on the floor with laughter... showing the skill of Amy as both a writer and accomplished performer.

The Evening Herald - Louise Finn

Amy De Bhrún is outstanding as the girl with a subtle performance that exudes emotion and allows us to instantly like and feel an affinity with the character.

Flickfeast review 'Girl in Motion' 

Striking Amy De Bhrún is blessed with buckets of stage presence and performs brilliantly... she pulls off this harrowing subject matter without indulgence

FringeReport - Tara Paulson

The ensemble cast are strong with the strikingly beautiful Amy De Bhrún making the biggest impact as she slips from character to character with spark and charisma.

RemoteGoat - Paul Goodman

De Bhrún’s vibrancy and attention to detail on stage allows for the total and complete transportation of the audience from one location to the next 

Irish Theatre Magazine - Jennifer Lee

De Bhrún’s strong and beautiful stage presence makes full use of the space, while authenticity of characters is captured through movement and physicality filled with rhythm, skill and passion.

​On the Fringe - Diane O'Connor

Amy De Bhrún is on top of many games in the world of the Arts . This Rathfarnham native is one to watch

The Irish Post - Fiona Audley

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